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Find that document or item instantly!

Quick-Seek is an easy but powerful paper filing system and an online organizer software for all kinds of objects.

It allows you to instantly search for the location of every item that you store or file. It is an essential tool for filing paper documents or any other kind of physical item and keeping track of them. You'll have the ability to quickly find any item you're searching for, even years after you've stored it. More importantly, using Quick-Seek helps you save considerable space without losing speedy accessibility to your treasured items.

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Why use a 

Storage Management System 

like Quick-Seek?

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Managing paper documents

Most people and businesses have a variety of documents that need to be filed. The problem is how to do it efficiently so that anything you need can easily be found, even well into the future. Normally, you'd put them in folders on file drawers, sorted in some sort of fashion. But which standard is correct for all kinds of documents? There is no set criterion for every kind of document, so you need to use a combination of them.
As time passes, you might have a difficult time recalling what criterion you used to file your documents, making it hard to find that document with ease. You might not even find it at all. It becomes even more complex when the person doing the searching isn't the same one as who filed it years ago.
It is estimated that workers spend over 20% of their time managing documents. A storage management system like Quick-Seek allows any authorized user to instantly find any document regardless of who filed it or which criterion was used, as long as it was properly filed using the system.

Organizing any 

non-document objects

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Storage boxes, closets, warehouses, and shelves:

Anything that you put away in storage, would better be indexed with a system that lets you find what you're looking for instantly. Otherwise, you are better off getting rid of those items. In addition to helping you find any object quickly and easily, proper use of Quick-Seek could help you save lots of space.

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Maintaining a constant temperature is essential for good care of quality wines. If you are a wine enthusiast, and have even a small wine cellar fridge, keeping your wines indexed on our system would prove invaluable in selecting and locating a wine bottle for any moment without opening that cellar fridge door for too long.

Drawing of a moving box full of personal items

Moving boxes:

It is always a good idea to record in detail the contents of each box when you move. Since Quick-Seek works well on any modern smartphone, it is easy to record each item as you pack it. After the move, the system makes it easy for you to check that everything that you packed arrived as it should. In addition, if you leave some boxes unopened for a long time, you will always be able to locate the items inside in no time.

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Audio, video, data, and removable media:

Keeping track of the content and storage location of removable media can be a hassle. A system like ours can really help to make that task a breeze.

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Whether you keep your books on display on shelves, or stored in boxes, you should keep them indexed if you ever want to find any of them in the future.

Safety deposit box

Safety boxes:

It is common for people to forget exactly which valuables they have stored in their safety boxes or bank safety deposit boxes.

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Test samples:

Laboratory samples frequently need to be stored at constant cold temperatures. Our system was originally designed to fulfill the needs of a laboratory which needs an efficient way to minimize the time that the door of their specialized freezers is open while searching for a sample. For confidentiality reasons, each vial was only identified with a code and all the details of the sample and patient would be recorded on our secure system.

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In a situation such a property management, you can keep track of hundreds of keys for every property you manage. Using Quick-Seek will easily organize your key boxes without losing track of where the keys for each property are located.

Why Quick-Seek?

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It's extremely easy to use.
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It has infinite levels of depth (folders and sub-folders). Therefore, it will not force you to use a specific filing or storage methodology.
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It's very affordable.
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Since it is online, your data is available almost anywhere in the world.
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Data encryption ensures that your information is always private, safe, and secure.

Alternative uses for Quick-Seek

There are many other alternative uses, limited only to your imagination. For example, how many times have you gone to a restaurant and couldn't recall how good (or bad) each of the dishes were that you previously ordered? You can use Quick-Seek to record each one to improve your experience for every visit. Our app can also help you decide where you want to go or which dish to recommend when you have a special occasion.

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